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Receiving Permission to Print

Apr 16, 2013

The panelists discuss a recent controversy at a law school that initially prevented the student newspaper from printing a story.

The Pioneer Log covered an appearance at Lewis & Clark Law School by US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. But The Oregonian reported school administrators insisted the story needed to be cleared by the Supreme Court’s press office before it could be published.

That’s ironic, given that the nation’s highest court has ruled it’s unconstitutional for government to stop publication of a news story.  The administrators’ decision also goes against the school’s policy.

It ultimately proved to be a mix-up; the school was expected to allow the court’s press office to review promotional materials. But a court spokesman said there was no request to review news coverage.

The Oregonian reported the student newspaper’s story eventually appeared in print and on-line. In addition, it wrote a story about the censorship dispute.