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Spotting Fake News

Oct 11, 2016

The proliferation of news-related websites can make it difficult to differentiate between legitimate news sites and fake ones. 

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Crighton said some of her students and some family members have been fooled.  She said such sites sometimes mimic or steal logos from legitimate news organizations, publish a blend of real and fake news, and cite phony sources.

Crighton said people should double check stories they read online and avoid sharing articles from sites with which they’re unfamiliar.

Panelist Will Buss said red flags on fake sites include spelling mistakes and the tone of articles.

Buss said so many new sites keep popping up that it can be a challenge to spot the spoofs.  He recommended sticking with reputable and well-known names in the news industry.

Panelist Rich Egger some spoof sites will closely mimic the domain name of legitimate news sites. He’s concerned about politically-motivated sites that look like legitimate news sites – he feels some people could be susceptible to the spin.