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Western Illinois Results – November 2018 Election

Nov 7, 2018

Voters returned incumbents to office in the state and federal contests in west central Illinois.  Voters also decided county elections and a few local referenda.

State Representative - 93rd District

Norine Hammond (R)  52%

John Curtis (D)    48%

State Representative - 94th District

Randy Frese (R)   73%

Richard Cramsey (D)   27%

Congress – 17th District

Cheri Bustos (D)    62%    

Bill Fawell  (R)  38%

Congress-18th District   

Darin LaHood (R)   68%

Junius Rodriguez (D)   32%

McDonough County Board District 1

(Vote for three)

Lee Calvert (D)     23%

Larry Aurelio (R)    22%

Tessa Pfafman (D)   21%

Craig Burns (D)    19%

Digger Oster (R)    16%           

McDonough County Board District 1

Two-year unexpired term           

(Vote for two)        

Jennifer Hemingway (D)  31%

Michael Kirby (D)   26%

Jerry Cremer (R)     25%

Ronald Bricker (R)  19%           

McDonough County Board District 2

(Vote for four)       

David Cortelyou (R)   17%

Travis Hiel (R)   16%

Trevor Toland (R)   16%

Joe Erlandson (R)   15%

Shirley Camp (D)    11%

Chase DeWitt (D)   9%

Robert Smith (D)    8%

Emiliano Vera (D)   9%           

McDonough County Board District 3

(Vote for three)     

Terra Litchfield (Rep)        23%

Marcia Twaddle (Rep ) (i)            21%

George Dixon (Rep ) (i)     20%

Tammie Leigh Brown-Edwards (D)       13%

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway (D)   12%

Jarad Huffman (D) 11%

Knox County Sheriff        

David Clague (D)    54%

Kip Canfield (R)       46%           

Knox County Board District 1  

(vote for two)        

Cheryl Nache (D)    40%

Patrick Harlan (R)   34%

Richard Conklin (R)   27%           

Knox County Board District 2  

John Hunigan (D)   57%

Preston Johnson (R)          43%

Knox County Board District 3  

Two-year unexpired term          

Tara Wilder (D)       65%

Barbara Foster (R) 35%           

Knox County Board District 4  

Todd Olinger (R)     59%

Brett Villarreal (D)  41%           

Knox County Board District 5  

Brian Friedrich (R)  62%

Josh Dean (D)    38%

Oneida Referendum       

Shall the city continue to ban the retail sale of liquor?      

Yes      22%

No       78%           

Warren County Treasurer         

Kathy Tate (R)         73%

Joshua Crossen (D)   27%           

Warren County Board District 1         

(Vote for two)        

Mark Richardson (R)   38%

William Reichow (R)   33%

Robert Schisler (D)   29%           

Henderson County Board          

(Vote for five)        

Bradley Flatt (R)      17%

Roger Cook (R)        15%

Bill Knupp (R)           15%

Deb Pflasterer (R)  15%

Troy Jern (D)           14%

Kevin Geary (R)       12%

Richard Bigger, Jr (D)   12%           

Hancock County Board District Two  

Don Little (R)    75%

Donna Clampitt (D)   25%           

Hancock County Board District Four 

Mark Menn (R)   69%

David Hunter (D)    31%           

Schuyler County Board  

(Vote for three)     

Chet Esther (R)   26%

Rick Wright (R)   26%

Charles Bainter (R)    22%

Sandra Kaye Valentine (D)   16%

Robert Baren (D)    11%

Littleton Township Referendum        

Sell the community building and a vacant lot to the Village of Littleton for $1.00

Yes      76%

No       24%           

Brown County Board      

(Two-year term, vote for five)  

Chad Kunkel (R)   20%

Rick Garthaus (R)   19%

Lori Wiese-McKee (R)   18%

Timothy Woodward (D)   16%

Charles Northcutt (R)        16%

James Taney (D)     11%

Mount Sterling Referendum   

Issue $800,000 in bonds for the Uptown Revitalization Project 

Yes      63%

No       37%           

Fulton County Board District Two      

(Vote for four)

Cindy Arnett (R)   22%

John Spangler (R)   20%  

Roger Clark (D)    16%

Vicki Sue Hoke (D) 14.8%

Robert Bucher (D)  14.7%

Joseph Petersen (D)   12%           

Fulton County Board District Three  

(Vote for three)

Patrick O'Brian (R)              28%

Lisa Thompson (D) 26%

John Taylor (D)       25%

Glen Hamm (D)       21%           

Cass County Sheriff         

Devron Ohrn (D)    74%

Ronald Boris (R)      26%

Arenzville Fire Protection District Referendum   

Tax rate increase   

Yes      45%

No       55%           

Mason County Sheriff    

Paul Gann (D)    68%

Thomas Hardesty (R)    32%           

Mason County Treasurer          

Cari Meeker (D)      57%

Steve Blessman (R)     43%           

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Retain Scott Shipplett      

Yes      84%

No       16%           

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Retain Rodney Clark         

Yes      84%

No       16%           

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Retain James Standard    

Yes      82%

No       18%