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WIU Hopeful for CPA Money

Jun 19, 2018

Western Illinois University continues to bend the ears of state leaders regarding a major construction project planned for the Macomb campus: the Center for Performing Arts.

Jeanette Malafa, WIU’s Assistant to the President for Governmental Relations, said the university is ready to build the CPA as soon as the state is ready to pay for it.

She said she “hammers” on the topic all the time, including when Governor Bruce Rauner toured the Macomb campus on June 1.

“We’re like, ‘This is the area where we’re going to build the Center for Performing Arts.  There is the parking lot already built,’” Malafa said.  “So he heard it multiple times coming out of my mouth during that tour.”

Western held a groundbreaking ceremony for the building in April 2011. Since then, the only thing that’s gone up is the price.

In 2011 the estimated cost was $68 million.

Malafa said the state’s Capital Development Board now projects it will cost around $89 million.  

A university spokesperson said the reappropriation for the project is included in the state’s budget for Fiscal Year ‘19, which begins July 1, 2018.  However, the spokesperson added, “…the project is not funded until funds are released from the Capital Development Board and allocated to this specific project.”