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Shop Talk - March 6


This week's topic is about a survey of Americans' trust of news sources.

The Poynter Institute reports the survey was commissioned by Craiglist founder Craig Newmark. A polling firm interviewed 1,001 people. Land line phones and cell phones were called.

The survey found newspapers are the most trusted source of news -- 22% of respondents considered newspapers to be credible.  21% chose cable and network news.

34% thought social media had a negative effect on the quality of news whereas 17% found it positive. Only 6% think it's important to be first with the story.

The Shop Talk panelists also feel most people in the audience don't care who's first. Viewers, listeners, and readers want the information to be correct.

The Poynter Institute also noted that a Gallup poll last fall found 55% of Americans distrust the media generally.


Rich is TSPR's News Director.