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Shop Talk - April 17

The panelists discuss a policy implemented by Chicago State University. The Chicago Tribune reported CSU told faculty and staff that everything from opinion pieces to social media communications could require prior approval, and that only authorized university personnel could share information with the media.

(Editor's note: CSU rescinded the policy in the time since this program was recorded).

The Shop Talk panelists, as you might guess, don't care for the policy. It sounds like something convicted felon Rod Blagojevich would have imposed during his time as Illinois governor.

The panelists point out that, under the policy, a professor who completed a study would not be able to comment on the findings without first receiving permission from the university. In addition, an employee who received an honor or award would not be able to talk about it without going through administrative channels.

The panelists believe universities should be places that encourage the free exchange of ideas. This policy would have stood in direct contrast to that principle.


Rich is TSPR's News Director.