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An On-Line Only News Magazine

The Shop Talk panelists discuss Newsweek’s decision to publish its final print edition on December 31. After that the weekly magazine will be available only in digital formats.

The magazine was first published 80 years ago. Reuters reports the digital version will be called Newsweek Global. There will be a single, worldwide version.  

Reuters reported the change to a digital Newsweek will result in job cuts. Panelist Rich Egger questioned why news organizations reduce staff when they switch to an on-line format. He thinks the savings in printing and distribution should be put back into the product by hiring more reporters.

Panelist Lisa Kernek said she grew up in a household that subscribed to Newsweek and Time. She grew up in a small town with a newspaper that did not cover much international news so the magazines provided a source of information about such stories. As an adult she continued to receive Newsweek until a few years ago when it raised rates and switched its focus to analysis and commentary instead of reporting on events.

Panelist Mike Murray acknowledged he never subscribed to the magazine but would read it while at the dentist office. He said the photographs in particular stood out.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.