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A Profitable(!) New Model for Journalism

The panelists talk about the future of journalism, focusing on one particular start up that has enjoyed some success.

An article in Columbia Journalism Review labels This Land Press as “…perhaps the best for-profit local journalism startup in the country…” The article said This Land is on pace to turn a profit by next spring, just a couple years after it started.

This Land presents long-form and investigative journalism pieces. It covers Tulsa, OK and has extended its reach into Oklahoma City.

The CJR article, written by Michael Meyer, reported This Land uses a multi-platform approach focusing on narrative and context rather than information. Meyer reported the founders feel this changes news from a disposable commodity into something of enduring interest to its audience.

The Shop Talk panelists are heartened to see a startup enjoying success – especially because of its emphasis on long-form journalism. But they add it does not replace the need for media that covers the daily grind of city council meetings, school board meetings, and other news that might not seem as interesting on the surface but still needs to be reported to the community.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.