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Going Mobile for the News


The panelists talk about the report, “The Future of Mobile News,” which is the subject of an article on the Journalists Resource website.

The study found an estimated 50% of US adults now own either a tablet or smartphone, and two-thirds of them get news from their mobile devices. The study also found those adults are not just scanning headlines – the vast majority said they read long-form pieces on their devices.

The panelists also discuss an announcement from the New York Times, which said it is now generating more revenue from subscriptions than advertisements. This represents a huge change from the past.

Panelist Mike Murray said it used to be that subscriptions paid for a newspaper’s ink and advertising paid for everything else.

The shift is caused by a combination of declining ad sales and increasing subscriptions. It’s believed many new subscriptions are for the on-line product.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.