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Summit on Plagiarism and Fabrication


The panelists talk about the upcoming National Summit on Plagiarism and Fabrication.

The RTDNA reports the summit will be held in St Louis on Friday, April 5, as part of the American Copy Editors Society national conference. It will include a panel discussion on the common causes of plagiarism, steps to prevent it, and how to handle incidents.

The Shop Talk panelists wonder if the practice of on-line aggregation has more people thinking it’s okay to use the work of others without giving attribution.

Panelists Lisa Kernek and Mike Murray both teach at Western Illinois University. They have found fabrication is a bigger problem than plagiarism. They try to check the work done by students if it seems suspicious, but it’s not possible to double check every story. News and copy editors might face a similar challenge as newsroom staffs continue to shrink in size.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.