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A Letter from The Staff and Friends Advisory Board of Tri States Public Radio

Dear Friends,

Tri States Public Radio has been informed by Western Illinois University that the university will stop providing financial support to Tri States Public Radio (TSPR) and the Audio Information Service (AIS) as of March 1, 2019. 

Tri States Public Radio has no intention of halting more than a half century of continual service to this region.

The TSPR's staff of 12 professionals, the Friends Board, and the leadership of the College of Fine Arts and Communication will work together to forge a path forward to #saveTSPR.

The financial support from WIU accounts for roughly half of TSPR's annual operating budget, primarily funding employee salaries. The other half of our budget comes through generous financial contributions from area residents, organizations, and businesses in addition to grant money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Your financial support and civic action is required now more than ever!

Your steadfast support continues to be critical to our ability to provide TSPR’s and the AIS’s essential and award-winning service to our region. Not only do we provide NPR programing, local news and diverse music, and indispensable educational and work opportunities to the students of WIU and of Knox College.
Your support is also necessary to our ability to reach the many residents in our region with disabilities who use the Audio Information Service.

Our commitment to you and our region is wide and it is deep! But, we need your help!

We are considering a wide variety of options that will allow us to maintain the excellent service that you have become accustomed to. We appreciate your continued support. 

What can I do to help?

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Thank you,

The Staff and Friends Advisory Board of Tri States Public Radio