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Courtesy Forgottonia Brewing

Construction continues as crews work to transform the building at 324 North Lafayette St. in Macomb into a brewery.  But some of the paperwork required to open Forgottonia Brewing could get delayed by the partial shutdown of the federal government.

Back in 2010, there were high hopes in Colorado that locally grown hops, the plant that gives beer a bitter or citrusy flavor, would help feed the then booming craft beer market. In just six years, the industry sprouted from almost nothing to 200 acres, according to the trade association Hop Growers of America.

Midwest Farmers Brew Up Hops for Local Craft Beer

Sep 14, 2016
Ariana Brocious for Harvest Public Media

With craft beer booming and local breweries springing up all over the country, Midwest farmers are testing out ways to play a role in the growing market and, in the process, make local beer truly local.