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distracted driving

Rich Egger

Troy Shirrell said he had just gotten off work at The Elms nursing home on Friday evening, August 10, 2018.  He was riding his Harley Davidson Wide Glide on East Jackson Street in Macomb.

The Illinois law meant to prohibit distracted driving may not prohibit watching videos behind the wheel, so state lawmakers are trying to change it.

Macomb Police Look to Curb Distracted Driving

Jun 14, 2017
TSPR Emily Boyer

The Macomb Police Department said more people are getting hurt in car crashes despite a decline in the overall number of vehicular accidents. So the department is stepping up traffic enforcement in an effort to make the city's roads safer.

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Teenagers are texting while behind the wheel, despite the law prohibiting it.  And that's not all they're doing. 

Group Calls for Stricter Teen Driving Laws

Feb 1, 2014

The Illinois Department of Transportation reported teen driving fatalities were at an all-time low in 2013.

New Laws on Distracted Driving

Jul 22, 2012

Illinois drivers are coming under more pressure to slow down and stay off their cell phones.  

Governor Pat Quinn has signed four laws aimed at making roadways safer.  

"We want to have strict laws that deal with those who greatly exceed the speed limit and cause great harm and loss of life," says Quinn, "and we need to, I think, lay down strict guidelines for our judges and for those in the traffic courts across Illinois, so they know what the rules are."  

An Illinois legislator has introduced a proposal that would ban drivers from using their cell phones. 

It's already illegal to text when you're behind the wheel, and some local ordinances only allow drivers to use hands-free devices for their phones.

Representative John D'Amico (D-Chicago) wants to go beyond those limitations.  He introduced a measure that would ban motorists from using mobile devices at all.

D'Amico acknowledged the idea might be unpopular with drivers who have become accustomed to making calls from the road, but he is standing by the proposal.