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Ameren Illinois said it will file a request with the Illinois Commerce Commission next week for a $14-million reduction in electric delivery service rates for 2017.  

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Food waste is an expensive problem. The average U.S. family puts upwards of $2,000 worth of food in the garbage every year.

Springfield Wants State To Pay Utility Bill

Jan 13, 2016

The city of Springfield is pushing for the state of Illinois to pay its electric bill.

Ameren Illinois to Install "Advanced Meters" by 2019

Dec 20, 2015
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More than 750,000 Ameren Illinois customers can expect to see "advanced meters" installed in their homes by 2019.

City leaders in Warsaw say two new taxes will result in better streets.

The city council voted, this week, to establish a pair of utility taxes.

One of the taxes would be on the electricity delivered by Ameren Illinois.

The ordinance establishes a sliding scale for residential or business use within the city.

The other tax would be on natural gas and its delivery from Nicor.

Instead of a sliding scale, residents and businesses would be charged a 5% tax.