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The city of Keokuk says its residents and businesses should not be on the hook for the extra fees associated with a utility company's plan to increase natural gas rates. So it filed an objection with the Iowa Utilities Board on March 30.

More than 600 households in Keokuk that had been paying a discounted rate for garbage services could soon see an increase in their bills following  a report from the State Auditor of Iowa.

The Keokuk City Council used part of Thursday night’s workshop to talk about possibly increasing the garbage rate over the next two fiscal years. The discussion, though, evolved into whether the city kept its word about how it would use money from a previous increase.

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Hundreds of people lined up outside Trinity United Methodist Church in Keokuk Friday afternoon, with the earliest arriving about 90 minutes before the annual “Back to School Festival” began. The event helps parents and guardians prepare for the new school year while giving kids a chance to have some fun with their friends.

The Keokuk City Council signed off on an early retirement agreement with  Finance Director John Russell. The move should allow Keokuk to have enough money to cover the salary of new City Administrator Aaron Burnett during the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2016.

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Lee County hopes the formation of a special committee will help resolve the ongoing dispute over the future of the county's centralized emergency dispatch center (LeeComm). The idea is for the most active users of the dispatch center to try reaching a compromise before the courts get involved.

The city of Keokuk filed a lawsuit Wednesday afternoon, seeking to maintain emergency dispatch services despite not signing an agreement to remain a member of the county’s 911 center. The lawsuit also asks the court to not tax Keokuk residents for a service they might not be able to use.

The city of Keokuk was told during a recent meeting that if it wanted answers about the future of Lee County’s emergency dispatch center, it should “get a lawyer.” The city has, in essence, done just that by filing several lawsuits and preparing for additional legal action.

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Keokuk had big plans for some land along Main Street when it opened up the site for commercial development more than a decade ago. But after years of little interest, city leaders now hope that plan is back on track.

Keokuk, Fort Madison Budgets Wrapping Up

Feb 16, 2016

Cities and counties in Iowa must have their FY 2017 budgets certified by the state by March 15, even with the Iowa Legislature still in session. It leaves local governments, such as the cities of Keokuk and Fort Madison, to make their best estimates and hope they hold true.

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Paul Roos has been working for years to get his company off the ground in Keokuk. It now appears his efforts are paying off because AMJET Turbine Systems has nearly completed construction of its first hydro-electric turbine.

There might be a new set of rules in place the next time people in Keokuk have to get rid of snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses. And the city's mayor is worried the changes could discourage some residents from helping others.

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Aaron Burnett has not had a lot of time to sit back and relax since arriving in Keokuk as the community's second-ever City Administrator. He says his top priorities have been to get a good understanding of City Hall and the city as a whole, and to meet as many people as possible.

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Keokuk has a temporary solution for addressing an eyesore in the downtown district. It will place a large mural in front of what remains of the former Redemption Center, which was destroyed by fire in May.

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The plan to construct Keokuk's first off-leash dog park in Riverview Park hit a bit of a snag as opposition surfaced to the proposed location. But that opposition could ultimately lead to a more favorable solution for all involved.

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Keokuk has gone without a city administrator since early 2008. City leaders hope to change that in the next few months.

The South Side Boat Club was the last major enhancement to the stretch of Keokuk's riverfront from the water plant to the sewer plant.  New additions are now in the works.

Keokuk is fighting back against a claim that it's not living up to the terms of a 2012 contract. On Monday, the city filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by John W. Sammons Construction Company.

Sammons Construction claimed in its lawsuit, filed in district court in April, that it has yet to receive full payment for the installation of about 28 manholes.

A local contractor is suing the city of the Keokuk over an alleged "breach of contract.  John W. Sammons Construction Company said it has not been fully paid for a project it believes has already been completed.

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City leaders in Keokuk are trying to determine how to proceed with the Redemption Center in the 600 block of Main Street following a fire early Thursday morning. Mayor Tom Marion said a decision would not be made until after meeting with Brian Boyd, who owns the center and several nearby properties.

Residents of south Lee County will have to wait a little longer to get their driver's licenses in Keokuk.

Chris Spann, Lee County Treasurer, told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday that she now hopes to re-open the bureau in the south Lee County Courthouse in mid-to-late May, which is about a month behind schedule.

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Union and Confederate soldiers will descend upon Keokuk's Rand Park one last time this weekend for the city's 28th and final Civil War re-enactment.

The event has been a huge success over the years, bringing thousands to the city.  But a dwindling number of re-enactors led organizers to declare 2015 as the final conflict.

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The city of Keokuk still can't say when it will be able to reopen a small stretch of Fulton Street that has been closed to traffic for several years. A portion of the road collapsed following a hill-slide. Instead of repairing it, the city blocked it off with several concrete barriers.

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The construction of a new senior housing complex in downtown Keokuk is expected to get underway in less than a year. 

That's is possible because of the Iowa Finance Authority announcement Wednesday that it would provide more than $2-million in tax credits and loans for "Keokuk Senior Lofts."

Keokuk Hosts Bald Eagle Appreciation Days

Jan 16, 2015
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A few thousand people will flock to Keokuk this weekend to observe bald eagles in their natural habitat.

The most controversial aspect of the reorganization of four Lee County departments in mid-2011 could soon be reversed.

A proposed senior housing complex in downtown Keokuk continues to garner both support and concerns from city and community leaders.

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A roughly $9-million senior housing complex proposed for downtown Keokuk has cleared a significant hurdle.

Talk about finding someone to manage day-to-day city operations in Keokuk could soon turn into action.

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No more windows will be removed from a former church in Keokuk.