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Knox College Podcast Series: A Truly Trying Time in Public Health

Students in Jonah Rubin and Andy Hertel's Health Studies Internship course were given a unique assignment this year.

Unable to do their regular in-person internships, students instead interviewed local health professionals about their experiences serving on the front lines of the pandemic. Rubin shared six of those interviews with Tri States Public Radio.

All podcasts were produced and edited by Dr. Jonah S. Rubin and the Knox College Health Studies Program.

Interview with Karen Johnson, clinical social worker at Compassus. Interviewers: Collin McGill, Jorge Hernandez and Carmen Benoit.

Interview with Michele Gabriel, public health administrator and CEO of the Knox County Health Department. Interviewers: Riya Dahal and Carmen Benoit.

Interview with Jackie Jennings, program director at Gordon Behrents Senior Center of KCDDD. Interviewers: Mia Dudgeon and Frenchi Espinoza.

Dr. Carl Strauch: Show Them the Science

May 3, 2021

Interview with Dr. Carl Strauch of Cottage Hospital in Galesburg. Interviewers: Loislove Boakye, Adam Ryan, and Jorge Hernandez.

Courtney Knuth: You Have to be Flexible

May 3, 2021

Interview with Courtney Knuth, Health Services Coordinator for Galesburg School District 205. Interviewers: Riya Dahal, Mia Dudgeon, Jodi Gormley.

Interview with Sam Fisk, registered nurse at Compassus. Interviewers: Collin McGill, Jorge Hernandez, and Carmen Benoit.