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Macomb schools to produce podcast and magazine

The Macomb School District will try a couple new ways of letting the public know what’s going on.

Superintendent Patrick Twomey said the district will start a podcast to share a story of interest every month.

The school system will also send a quarterly magazine to every home within its boundaries.

Dr. Twomey said the stories they tell will highlight the things students, teachers, staff, and alumni are doing and have accomplished.

“I’ve seen some other examples of some other districts who have created these quarterly magazines, and they’re very powerful,” he said.

“In fact, Vandalia is one of the communities who is doing it. I talked to a community member in Vandalia, and he said we would raise the roof if they ever tried to stop this now because we love reading stories about our kids, community, and our schools.”

The Macomb district hired a company called Journey12 to produce the magazine. The company will be paid $90,000 each of the next two years.

Twomey said the Macomb district will seek sponsors to help offset the cost.

He believes the district is already transparent, and these are ways of providing even more information to taxpayers.

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