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New, challenging disc golf course opens in Galesburg

Josh Fleming throws a disc at the new disc golf course at Lake Storey.
Yuchen Wang
Tri States Public Radio
Josh Fleming throws a disc at the new disc golf course at Lake Storey.

Galesburg has a new disc golf course at Lake Storey.

The new course, which opened in June, is the second one in the city. The other is at Kiwanis Park.

Josh Fleming, who designed the Lake Storey course, thinks it will attract visitors to Galesburg.

“We want to bring tournaments here, because that brings tax revenues to the city of Galesburg and that helps the city," Fleming told the city council.

Fleming said the Lake Storey course is more challenging than the Kiwanis Park course, which was built in 2003. He said the Kiwanis Park is a good course for people who are new to the sport.

“It has fewer trees, less water shots,” he said.

In addition, the Kiwanis Park course's terrain is mostly flat, rather than the rising and falling terrain in Lake Storey.

A passionate disc golfer for over 20 years, Fleming describes the sport as “non-contact” and “a step away from reality.”

Fleming said the game can be played by one person, but he recommends playing it with others. He said it can be family-oriented or friendship-cultivating.

How the game is played

In disc golf, players start on white concrete slabs called “t-pads” and players score by throwing the disc into a basket covered by chains.

The throws are called strokes, and the player with the least amount of strokes wins the round.

Each basket also has a designated number of strokes that one is expected to throw in order to score, called “pars.” The new course at Lake Storey has five par four baskets and 13 par three baskets.

Fleming said the disc golf community is very excited about the new course.

He said the first tournament at the new course could be held as early as this year. Their biggest challenge is the cost, so they plan to seek out sponsorships from local businesses in Galesburg.

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Yuchen Wang is a computer science major at Knox College.