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West Prairie Will Implement New Technology


The West Prairie School District will use “one-on-one”technology starting next year.

The district has been preparing for the next advance in classroom technology by building a high-capacity wireless network.

Superintendent Jonathan Heerboth said new technology will take advantage of the wireless network by connecting students to resources through tablet devices.

He said, “If a teacher is teaching a lesson and at the endof the day the student needs access to more resources or more practice. All of those things are available today just by going to a web page or some kind of online resource.”

Heerboth feels students will be able to take advantage of the vast resources available to them

He said the days of turning in an assignment written on paper are gone. A “document” is an electronic file that can include sound, pictures and video as well as text.

He said, “We need to be prepared for the reality that technology is going to be the tool that's used, in some way, for every aspect of our productive lives.”

The district is still investigating what hardware and software to use next year.

He said students will pay a small fee to use the devices, much as they currently pay textbook fees.