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Paperwork To Blame In Lee County

Inside the West Point Public Library on Caucus Night.
Inside the West Point Public Library on Caucus Night.

The Iowa GOP has released the certified results from the January 3rd Caucus.

They show the race between former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was too close to call.

Romney was leading by nearly 10 votes on caucus night, but Santorum is now ahead by about 35 votes.

There will be no official winner, though, because the final vote totals were not available for eight precincts in Iowa, including four in Lee County.

County GOP Chairman Don Lucas says the problem involved the post-vote paperwork required to submit results and not the actual vote.

“The numbers that were reported were true and accurate and witnessed many times by anyone who wanted to witness them,” says Lucas, “our hold up is those “E” forms.”

The Iowa Republican Party says the Form-E document is the official record of the presidential preference vote in each of Iowa’s precincts.

Lucas says the Form E documents for two rural Lee County precincts were removed from the West Point Library before they could be sent to the state party.

Tri States Public Radio was at that caucus location and watched the votes be counted, by hand, and tallied by several people in attendance.

Lucas says the forms from two Fort Madison precincts were sent in blank due to confusion of required signatures.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.