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Illinois Pursuing On-Line Sales Taxes

The State of Illinois is again making an effort to get more people to pay taxes they owe for on-line purchases.

It was an unwelcome surprise for many when they filled out their income taxes last year.  Illinois' forms specifically asked filers to come clean about how much they'd shopped on-line.

The requirement to pay state sales taxes on Internet purchases is nothing new but it wasn't well known.

Calling attention to it changed that somewhat. Illinois received an extra $11 million last year after adding the high profile line on the forms.  

The Department of Revenue said Illinois is doing better than many other states at getting consumers to pay up. 270,000 people either filled out a worksheet with their web receipts or took the quicker route of estimating their purchases.

However, the state estimates that accounts for only about one of every twenty tax filers.

A revenue spokesperson says no action was taken against those who chose to leave the line blank. But she won't promise the state will continue looking the other way.  

A new law that requires all on-line retailers with an Illinois presence to collect state sales taxes brought in about $2 million more the first few months it was in effect.

Thanks to Illinois Public Radio

Rich is TSPR's News Director.