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Hammond Says Governor Must find funding for Initiatives

State Rep. Norine Hammond (R-94)

State Representative Norine Hammond (R-94) is taking a wait-and-see attitude after hearing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's State of the State speech.

She said she could support Quinn's plan to increase funding for the Monetary Award Program.  It provides grants to college students.  She has a few reservations.

Hammond said,  “To increase MAP grants, if we have the funding-and again I think it's a big 'if'-it is something that I could certainly support.”

The Macomb Republican contends the grants should only go to students attending state or private institutions. She would not support giving grants to students attending for-profit colleges.

Hammond said the governor's “Clean Water Initiative” is “laudable” in its goal to provide adequate water and sewer service.  But she said the state's perilous financial situation means this is not the time to begin a large capital program.

She also said the governor's proposed tax credit of up to $100 for families won't do much.

Hammond said, “How that stimulates our economy simply baffles me.”

She wants to see how the governor proposes to pay for his initiatives. Quinn will make his budget address to lawmakers February 22nd.