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Sullivan Says Lawmakers Support Vets Jobs Proposal

State Sen. John Sullivan (D-47)
State Sen. John Sullivan (D-47)

State Senator John Sullivan (D-47) said Governor Pat Quinn will have to work hard to convince lawmakers to pass initiatives laid out in the  State of the State speech.

But the Rushville Democrat said one of  Governor Quinn's initiatives should receive bi-partisan support.  It's the tax credit for businesses to hire returning veterans.

Sullivan said,  “In the big scheme of things, I think the cost is going to be minimal.  If we have an opportunity that we can put them to work and help them get a job and help an employer to employ a veteran,  I think that's something there will be support for.”

He is less optimistic about the governor's proposals to eliminate the natural gas utility tax and for a tax credit for families.  He estimates the two programs would cost the state $300 million.

Sullivan hopes the panel the governor will appoint to come up with solutions to the state's pension crisis will come up with ideas that can pass the legislature.  He's not sure if the state can afford to wait a year for the panel's conclusions since those pension obligations continue to spiral upward.