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Leaky Roof Leads to Legal Action

Carthage City Hall

Whenever it rains, the Carthage City Hall roof leaks. The leaks have created a headache for the city.

Mayor Jim Nightingale said the city has been unsuccessful getting any response from thec company that did the roof work.

He said, ”They had a five-year warranty and all we're asking for is for them to live up to their warranty. And it's just been a continual run-around with them.”

Nightingale said Indiana-based Five-Star Commercial Roofing was the low bidder for the contract in 2009. The work cost about $14,000.

Nightingale said the city has written letters, called and faxed the company many times. He said the company promised to send a representative to evaluate the situation around Thanksgiving. The city is still waiting for someone from the company to look at the roof.

The city's frustration led to it to file a complaint with the state's Attorney General's office.

The city is living with the leaks, for now. Nightingale worries that any repair work would void the warranty and lef the company off the hook for the repairs.