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New Promotion for Cat Adoptions

"Pretty Girl" at McDonough County Animal Shelter
"Pretty Girl" at McDonough County Animal Shelter

“Pretty Girl” is the name for a playful cat at the McDonough County Animal Shelter. She has called the shelter home since November. Like too many other cats there, she hasn't had a “bite” for adoption.

The Humane Society of McDonough County is hoping a March promotion will encourage more adoptions of cats.

Society board member Kathy Chambers said the group hopes to team up with the county to offer discounted adoption fees on cats for the month.

She said adoptions normally cost $25 for cats that are already spayed or neutered. The adoption fee is $60 for a cat that needs to be altered. During March, it would cost $25 to adopt any cat.

She said, “There are a lot of cats at the shelter right now and springtime always sees an influx of kittens. So we're hoping to find a lot of homes for cats that have been there quite a while.”     

Chambers has asked the county to absorb the $35 difference for cats that need to be altered. The shelter will find homes for between five and ten cats in a typical month.

The county's Human Resources and Planning Committee has already given the promotion its support. The county board would have to approve the promotion at its meeting next week for it  to go forward next month.