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Macomb Gives Financial Boost to Film Festival


Aldermen unanimously agreed to donate $800 to the Cornfed Film Fest, which will take place April 13 - 15, 2012 in Macomb.

Film festival co-founder Sue Scott said $600 of the money will be spent on a "Welcoming Package" that will include a program that lists the movies and the community sponsors.

"We'll use a local printer. Our business partners will have special deals for ticket holders ... so we're really promoting the businesses as well as the festival," Scott said.

The rest of the money will pay for student filmmaker awards.

"Those will be Chamber (of Commerce) certificates that we'll purchase and be given to the students to be able to spend in the community. So the money is actually going right back to the businesses in the community."

This is the festival's first year so it will feature a number of film-related firsts, including first films by directors.

Scott anticipates tickets will be available in a week or two at the Western Illinois Museum, where she serves as curator. She said day-long and weekend-long passes will be available as well as tickets to individual movies.


Rich is TSPR's News Director.