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“Green” Roof will Save Money

Supt. Alene Reuschel
Supt. Alene Reuschel

The Macomb School District will save nearly $125,000 on a roof repair project on the oldest section of Lincoln School. The savings comes from re-using some of the roofing material, which is also good for the environment.

The estimated cost was nearly $420,000. The bid was based on a “green” option that will re-install much of the same material.

Superintendent Alene Reuschel said the district can set an example.

She said, “We're also extending the actual underlayment of the roof, the gypsum, so for a lot of reasons this is a very good object lesson, a good example of how one uses 'green' philosophy in the schools.”

Reuschel said the savings comes not only from the reduced use of new materials. The district will also save the significant costs associated with proper disposal of the old material.
She said the repaired roof should cut energy costs for the building. The repaired roof will have an insulation value of R-33. That's 20% better than the current roof. Reuschel said that is unusually high for a public building.

The bid went to Wyman Roofing and Sheet Metal of Peoria Heights.