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Major Upgrade for Macomb Skate Park

Improvements to the Dudley Street skateboard park in Macomb could be ready to roll this spring.

Macomb Park District Commissioners this week agreed to accept the low bid of $181,692.17 for the project. The new skate park will include ramps, rails, and more for beginning and intermediate skill level skate boarders.

Half-a-dozen skaters attended the meeting and applauded after commissioners vote 4-to-0 to proceed with the project. However, there will be no gain without a little pain.

“It needs to be said that the existing equipment will be removed. It's dangerous and it's time that it be removed,” said Ray Peterson, Park District Executive Director.

“So I'll forewarn those who are using it currently: the site will be void of equipment here shortly for a period of time.”

Peterson said it's not yet known when construction will begin. He would like to see the project completed this spring.

Commissioner Patrick Sowers said he is impressed with the plans.

“I just think it's a wonderful design. I think it will be a safer park,” Sowers said.

The new skate park will not provide any shelter from the elements. Commissioner Ritchie Gabbei suggested the park district look into adding something at some point.

“It gets very hot out there and heat exhaustion, heat injuries occur very quickly when you are not focused on that sort of thing,” Gabbei said. “A shaded place would provide some safety if someone gets overheated.”

Peterson assured him such a feature could easily be added. He said the park district will need to see how much money is available once the skate park is built.

As part of the motion to approve the skate park, the park board also agreed to install a security light at the Patton Park dog park.



Rich is TSPR's News Director.