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District Will Remodel Website

Monmouth-Roseville School Superintendent Paul Woehlke said many people form their first impression of the district from its website. He said it serves as the online ”front porch” for the district. It needs a facelift.

He said, “We just have not kept up with the times in terms of having a website that's modern and user-friendly and informative and up-to-date.”

Woehlke said the website is a vital link between the district and parents and students. He said people interested in the community, especially businesses, frequently visit the website as do job-seekers.

He said the new website will be much easier to navigate.

The district has contracted with Schools In Sites to host the website. Federal grants will cover 65% of the start-up cost and of the yearly maintenance cost. The district will spend $1,726 up front and $966 each subsequent year.