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Revere C-3 To Close Its Doors

Principal Ryan Horner says the Revere C-3 School District has been around for more than 85 years.  He says it was a K-12 district until 2002 when the high school consolidated with the Clark County R-1 School District.

Revere C-3 currently serves about 18 K-8 students.  Horner says that number was at 29 earlier this year, but families left the district for a variety of reasons.

There is currently no one enrolled in kindergarten or fifth grade.

Most teachers are thinking about the end of the school year or what will be needed for next year as late April rolls around.  Horner says he and his staff of 16 full- and part-time employees are instead thinking about their futures as they will soon be unemployed.

That’s because the last day of school, May 16, is also the last day for the district.

Revere residents voted, earlier this month, to annex the school into Clark County R-1.  The ballot referendum was prompted by a resident concerned about the cost of educating students in Revere.

Horner says the vote was tough for his staff to accept, but he says they came back the next day and did what they were paid to do.  He says concerns that students are missing out at such as small school are wrong.

Horner says they receive a more direct education, adding that teachers can work one-on-one with students who needed that type of attention.

Clark County is scheduled to host the Revere students, next week, to let them see their new school and meet some of the students.  Meetings with parents are also expected.

Horner says he hopes that people remember that Revere C-3 provided students with a quality education that prepared them for the rest of their lives.

You can hear much more with Revere C-3 Principal Ryan Horner by clicking the audio link above.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.