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Warren County Sells Home of Regional Office of Education

Warren County courthouse

Warren County has sold the stately two-story home that has housed the Regional Office of Education for years. The house sits right across the street from the county courthouse.  The regional office serves Warren, Mercer and Henderson counties.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church has purchased the building from the county for $74,000.

County Board Chairman Bill Reichow said the office will stay put for the short-term.

He said, “The church has no inclination to move them out of the current ROE building at this time. The ROE will continue to rent it until they move and that move could be made later this year.”

The building sits just across the street to the west of the county courthouse. The church owns most of the other properties on the block.
Reichow said the future of the offices is up in the air since the state is looking at cutting education expenses.

The office has held discussions with the Monmouth-Roseville School District about a move into the former Willets Elementary School. Board President Lynn Shimmin said the office has not made a commitment to make the move.
Finance Committee Chair Mike Pearson said the building will need roof replacement. He said the county preferred not to spend the money in the current economic climate.