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Illini West Might Exhaust Transportation Funds Next Year

Illinis West High School

Illini West School Superintendent Kim Schilson sees a bumpy financial  road for bus transportation in the district.

She said the district began this school year with $270,000 in transportation funds. A state transportation cut of 42 percent mean the district will use up $114,000 of that by the end of the current school year.

She said, “We'll still have a small surplus left in the transportation fund. But with the way transportation funding is going that will be gone next year.

She said the district has carefully saved money in the fund to compensate for state cuts.  Unless the state takes drastic action, she said the district will face some “tough decisions down the road.”

Districts are also facing a 10 percent cut in their general state aid.  Schilson said that will cost Illini West its June payment of $150,000. The district's budget for next fiscal year is about $4.5 million.
Schilson said general state aid could be cut further as district enrollment continues to drop.

She said, “Next year is going to be a tough year with the budget.”