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Keokuk Board Approves Changes

Eagles Building - 500_1.jpg

The Keokuk Board of Adjustment has signed off on a couple of small changes to the design plans for several garages that will be built behind the former Eagles building.

The property is being re-developed for commercial and residential use.  There will be four high-end, upper-story apartments, which require the construction of the garages.

The board had to reconfirm its support because the project required a construction variance and any change must return to the panel.  The garages will be slightly larger and their footprint will shift a couple of feet closer to a nearby alley.

Main Street Keokuk’s Joyce Glasscock says a heating and cooling system, which had drawn concerns over the size and noise, is also being eliminated from the plans.  She says it will be replaced by a high-efficiency heat pump system that allows for individual metering.

The Board of Adjustment granted the original construction variance in April of 2011.  It was pending a further review of the plans, which occurred in late August.

Glasscock says construction of the garages will start to pick up in the coming week.