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Keokuk Shows Off School Addition

The Keokuk School District is showing off its recent addition to Hawthorne Elementary School.

The expansion includes six full-size classrooms, two half-size classrooms, and some additional square footage within the library.

Superintendent Lora Wolff says the addition will allow the district to restructure its elementary schools.  She says, next year, K-3 students will attend Hawthorne while 4-5 graders will go to George Washington Elementary.

Wolff says this will balance out class sizes and allow the district to close Wells Carey Elementary.

Each classroom is wired for computers, internet access and advanced teaching aides.

The contractor says there are still a few more items that must be completed before the project is officially finished.  That includes pouring some new asphalt to replaced a surface damaged during construction.

Renovation work at George Washington Elementary should get underway in a matter of weeks.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.