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Keokuk Talking Sports Complex

Keokuk has started talking about developing its own multi-sport complex.

The discussions began with a request to upgrade Rees Park.  Mayor Tom Marion says the idea is to prepare the park for softball games or practices.

“We will put the fencing back up and we will disc the infield,” says Marion.  “We will also bring some clay sand and put it on the infield and fix the bleachers.”

The city council reached a consensus to proceed with the project, which could cost several thousand dollars.

Afterwards, the discussion shifted to Fort Madison’s proposed sports complex.  Aldermen discussed whether several soccer fields could be added to Keokuk’s Joyce Park, which already has a couple of baseball/softball diamonds.

Several aldermen said they believe local contractors would help with the project.

Marion expects the talk of Keokuk’s own multi-sport complex to continue among city and community leaders.



Keokuk will be able to replace 130 damaged, worn-out or vandalized stop signs.

The city has received a $5,000 grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation to pay for the signs.



It could soon cost more for Keokuk residents to license their dogs or cats.

The city council should vote on a plan, this week, that would set the price for a 1-year tag at $10 for a spayed/neutered animal.  A 3-year tag would be available for $25.

The price of a tag for an unaltered dog or cat would be $25 for 1-year and $65 for 3-years.

A late fee system would also be implemented.



Keokuk residents could soon pay more for sewer services.

The city’s sewer department and water pollution control plant is operating at a deficit, which is being linked to new equipment at the plant, sewer construction, and several lift stations.

A sewer rate hike is being proposed to address the deficit.  Residential customers would pay 5% more while businesses would pay an extra 3%.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.