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Illinois Lawmakers Moving to Combine ROEs


Illinois' regional school superintendents are backing legislation (SB 2706) that would eliminate nearly a quarter of their 44 offices.

The proposal is not likely to satisfy critics who say the positions are not necessary and that the offices should have their functions taken over by local school districts.

Regional Offices of Education oversee teacher certification, GED programs, and truancy cases.

But Jeff Vose, the regional superintendent for Sangamon County, said he has reason to hope he and his colleagues no longer face an existential threat.

"We as an association, I think the consensus is we understand that cuts need to be made. Not just with regional superintendents, but all types of other programs, from Medicaid to pension to budgets in all state agencies and local municipalities," Vose said.

Last year, the superintendents went months without pay after Governor Pat Quinn eliminated state funding for their salaries. That ended when a deal was struck to use local property taxes to pay their salaries.

The proposal passed the Senate without opposition and now goes to the House.

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Rich is TSPR's News Director.