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Iowa Senate 42 – Republican Primary

The two men seeking the Republican nomination in Iowa’s 42nd Senate District have different ideas for creating and retaining jobs.

Larry Kruse of rural Donnellson says he is running for the state legislature to add and retain jobs.  He says that is the biggest challenge facing the district, which includes all of Lee and Henry Counties and portions of Jefferson and Washington Counties.

“We need good, high quality jobs for the citizens of Lee County and southeast Iowa,” says Kruse.

He says Iowa must also become more business-friendly through common sense regulations.

“(We need to) allow our businesses to compete on a worldwide scale,” says Kruse.

He says Iowa should also help entrepreneurs with capital and with business planning. 

“Quite often I have seen brilliant people have an invention but they cannot take it from the invention, even though it may be a great idea, to the commercial application,” says Kruse.

Lee Harder of Hillsboro says he entered the race to make sure the economy in Iowa grows, which will allow for a strong middle class.

“We need to have a strong middle class that will keep people here throughout their lives,” says Harder, “so the young people do not have to move.”

He says he also favors a tax system that will encourage seniors to remain in Iowa.  He says that starts with eliminating the sales tax charged on items costing less than $500. 

“So people from across the river in Illinois and Missouri can come up here so we can promote our businesses,” says Harder.  “Our businesses would be doing better and they would have a better tax base that way.

Harder says he would like to see more tax benefits for small businesses so they can grow.  “That’s the basis of what our country is,” says Harder, “our country is not about corporations, it is about individuals.”

The primary between Larry Kruse and Lee Harder will be held on June 5, 2012.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.