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Munzlinger Calls MO Session Average


State Senator Brian Munzlinger (R-Lewis County) says the 2012 legislative session was average in nature. 

In fact, he initially thought the session would yield little as lawmakers could divisive stands on a variety of issues.

Sen. Munzlinger says the focus of the session was the state’s roughly $24-billion budget.  He says it relies on gaming and lottery revenue to fund education and veterans’ issues.

Sen. Munzlinger says income projections are on the rise, so he hopes the budget will be solid.  He says that is needed to turn Missouri’s economy around.

One point of contention, in relation to the budget, is tax credits. 

Sen. Munzlinger says there are both Senators and Representatives who want to do away the credits.  He, instead, would like to see them closely reviewed to determine their value to the state of Missouri.

Education did not have a productive session according to Sen. Munzlinger.  He says there was nothing done to address the funding formula shortfall or the growing number of disaccredited schools in the state.

Sen. Munzlinger had a split session when it comes to agriculture.  He was pleased that legislation requiring film of animal abuse be turned over to authorities immediately.

He says he was disappointed, though, that his bill dealing with youth farm work failed.

Sen. Munzlinger says lawmakers are proud of their efforts to prevent the state or Governor Jay Nixon’s administration from proceeding with aspects of the federal health care law without legislative approval.

He does not expect lawmakers to have return to Jefferson City, MO for a special session.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.