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State Supports FM Complex


The state of Iowa is really getting behind the development of a sports complex in western Fort Madison.  The site will feature multiple football/soccer fields and baseball/softball diamonds.

The Vision Iowa Board’s Community Attraction & Tourism Committee recently wrapped up negotiations with the complex committee on the size of a grant.

The panel announced during its meeting on Wednesday morning that the sports complex would receive $766,000.

The complex committee’s initial request was for more than $900,000. 

Supporters said they would have been happy with even half of that amount, though, after concerns were raised about Lee County’s contribution to the project.

The Board of Supervisors initially rejected a request for funding before creating a special fund of public donations to cover the $25,000 request.

FM Partners Director Tim Gobble says that is why he and his fellow complex committee members had to keep their cool after hearing yesterday’s announcement.  He says when they got into the hallway, they did a “little dance” to celebrate the exciting time.

Gobble says the state’s contribution puts the fundraising total just a couple hundred thousand dollars shy of the initial goal of $3.4-million.

He hopes additional funds and grants come through now that the Vision Iowa Board has announced its contribution.

A groundbreaking for the multiple soccer/football fields and baseball/softball diamonds could be held within a month or so.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.