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Shamrock Acres Doesn't Meet Deadline

Owner Larry O'Hern had one year to complete the permitting process for Shamrock Acres.  He did not meet the deadline.

The facilty would have housed up to 18,000 hog at a time. It would have been built in southeastern McDonough County.

Warren Goetsch is the bureau chief of environmental programs for the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

He says, “We had issued an additional information request, I believe it was around the 7th of November, and did not receive a response.”

The department wanted to know more about odor control and a tree buffer at the site. It also wanted to know if all the neighbors had received proper notification of the intent to construct application for the facility

Goetsch says O'Hern will  have to start the permit process all over if he wishes to pursue construction of Shamrock Acres.

O'Hern did not respond to a request for comment by Tri-States Public Radio.