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Appeal Alleges Disparities in Sports

Jill Brody filed a formal complaint with the Macomb School District in late March under federal Title IX law. Superintendent Alene Reuschel responded that the district is in compliance. Title IX law requires “equivalent” treatment of male and female athletes.

Brody appealed Reuschel's finding in May.

Reuschel says,  “She can ask the board to review that decision. And there's a time frame and so once the board has reviewed, and within that time frame, the board will eventually direct me to respond to Dr. Brody their decision.”

The board has until mid-July to respond.

The complaint alleges 20 disparities. Some of them are the differences between the gym at the high school where boys play basketball and the Washington Street Gym where the girls basketball team plays, the lack of cheerleaders at home girls basketball games and differences between the softball field and the baseball field.

Brody declined to comment. She says she wants to wait for the board's decision.