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Agronomy Day Offers Look at Research


Western Illinois University's Agronomy Day will feature two topics that can make or break a farming operation-weather and weeds.

Dr. Mark Bertrands is one of the speakers. He says winter annual weeds got a head start due to early warm weather this year

He also says, “The other challenge that I've seen is that we had several periods where it was quite dry and many times we put down pre-emergence herbicides that keep the weeds from coming up. Many of those failed. Put some pressure on the herbicides we applied later on to take care of what was missed the first time.”

Bertrands also says some weeds are showing increasing resistance to herbicides. That resistance is an important area of research at WIU and other universities.  He will address the topic during his presentation.

WIU's Dr. Tom Williams, a meteorologist will analyze this year's weather patterns.

Dr. Angie Peltier of the University of Illinois Extension, will talk about certain corn diseases. 

The Agronomy Field Day begins at noon June 28th at the WIU Agricultural Field Laboratory. The event is free and includes lunch. Reservations are requested by calling 298-1080.