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Drivers Ed Fees to Double


Illini West High School students will pay $100 to take Drivers Education classes next school year. The fess will double to make up for part of a state cut to the program.

Superintendent Kim Schilson says the district received $20,000 less from the state for the program than it expected.

She says, “It'll help somewhat. (The) shortfall in Drivers Ed is massive. There was a cut in the general budget on the Drivers Ed next year so the funding's going down.”

The district will also raise the district registration fee for all students from $110 to $125.      

Schilson says the board did not make the hikes without considerable discussion. She says a proposal to charge a flat $200 fee for registration and Drivers Education was considered. The board decided the fee would be a burden on students who did not take Drivers Ed.

She says, “We want to be conscious of the rise of fees for all our students and we know it's a difficult time for everybody.”

Schilson says the district can waive both fees for students who qualify for free and reduced lunches.