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Wesley Village Plans Expansion

Wesley Village in Macomb

Wesley Village plans a $6.25 million bond issue to pay for a number of projects. It would like to use McDonough County's bonding authority.

CEO Shelly Ward says the biggest project is expansion of physical therapy. It will triple the size of the department. The nursing home would offer outpatient physical therapy for the first time.

She says, “Those things would be really be really beneficial for them (patients) because they can really practice cooking lunch and putting laundry in the washer and getting in and out of the bathtub and that kind of thing. So we're really excited about those features of this therapy project.”

The area would include home appliances. Patients would re-learn how to take care of themselves after knee replacement or a stroke, for instance.

Ward also says Wesley Village does not have enough room for all the gatherings it would like to host. A new building would house a community center that would seat up to 280.

Other improvements include tuckpointing the 32 year old main building and adding porches to the front and back entrances.

No date has been set for a public hearing on the bond issue. Ward hopes the county board will vote on the bond issue next month.

Ward says the goal is to break ground this fall.