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Lawsuit Against Township Tossed Out


A judge has tossed out a lawsuit filed by South Morgan Acres, a proposed large-scale hog operation, against Blandinsville Township.

Last month, the township set a weight limit of 20 tons on the road leading to the site in northeast McDonough County. The limit prevents large trucks from getting to the site.

The lawsuit alleges the operation has suffered a financial loss of at least $230,000 since that time.

Beverly Braniff lives near the site of the hog farm. She does not think the lawsuit was filed over the money lost.

She says, “They're acting just like bullies. They're trying to intimidate our township and our road commissioner.”

Judge William Poncin dismissed the complaint for its vagueness. He will allow the plantiff to file an amended complaint within a week.

Township Road Commissioner Bill Callahan says the road that goes by the site will not stand up to the rigors of 80,000 pound trucks bringing construction material and heavy machinery to the site.