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McDonough County Courthouse to add Video Surveillance


McDonough County will upgrade security at its courthouse by the end of the year.

Sheriff Rick Van Brooker has been pushing for the upgrade. He says it will act as a deterrent.

He says, “I thought it was important that we did it right the first time. A lot of research went into it, a lot of time. And at this point I feel confident with what we'll get.”

The system will record video constantly and store it for several days. The sheriff says it will require virtually no maintenance and should provide years of service.

The system will employ 18 cameras to monitor stairwells, hallways, entrances and the building's exterior. One more camera could be added in the future.

Van Brooker hopes the system will be in place this fall.

The cost of the system is $22,900. Security Lock Shop is the contractor.

The Sheriff's Department will pay for part of it with a $4,000 safety grant.