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Keokuk School Board Close to Decision

The Keokuk School Board could announce the district’s new superintendent as early as Thursday night during a special board meeting.

The panel met behind closed doors for about one hour Tuesday night.

President Tyler McGhghy says the board used the meeting to talk about the details of a potential contract with the firm helping the district, Cedar Rapids-based Ray & Associates.

He says at this point, the maximum starting salary in a potential deal is $155,000.

McGhghy says the meeting was also used to discuss the six interviews conducted over the weekend.

“Right now, all six are still in contention,” says McGhghy, “but we do have someone that the board likes and we are just working through that.  Hopefully we can all agree and make a determination on Thursday.”

McGhghy says the board will meet in the former Torrence Elementary building Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. in open session.

He says the finalists will not be revealed, even after the position is filled, due to confidentiality agreements.

“We did not want to do that,” says McGhghy. “We felt we should have a process in place that expanded the search.”

McGhghy feels the privacy brought a stronger field of candidates to Keokuk.

“With the six we had and interviewed on Friday and Saturday (of last week), it is a sign that the process did work,” says McGhghy, “because I think we had six great candidates who would be a perfect fit for the district.”

Current Superintendent Lora Wolff is leaving to take a job at Western Illinois University.

McGhghy is confident Keokuk’s next superintendent will be in place before then, but he says the school board will also use Thursday night’s meeting to discuss possible short-term, interim candidates.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.