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Galesburg Mayor to Veto Marijuana Law

Rich Egger

The recently approved marijuana ordinance in Galesburg has gone up in smoke.

The law would have allowed police to issue a ticket to those caught possessing up to 2.5 grams of pot. Offenders could pay a fine instead of going to court.

But Mayor Sal Garza will veto the measure and is recommending changes he feels will improve it.

The mayor wants to start an education program for those under age 18 who are caught with small amounts of marijuana. He also wants to increase the fine to cover the cost of implementing the program.

Garza believes his changes will address what he says is "...the misperception that we are decriminalizing the use of marijuana."

Aldermen approved the ordinance on a 4-3 vote during their August 6 meeting. In doing so, they agreed to reduce the proposed fine from $500 to $300.

5 of the city's 7 aldermen would have to vote to override the veto.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.