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Carthage Drinking Water Has Odors


Carthage residents have been living with discolored and smelly water from their taps for two weeks.

City residents endured a similar occurrence last summer.

Second-Ward Alderman Gary Smith says the problem, and the culprit, are the same.

He says, “The really high temperatures and the low lake has caused the algae to be an issue in the lake. They're treating it but everything's working against us. It seems to be working itself out.”

The level of the city's lake is about eight feet below normal.

He is asking residents to be patient. The water is not unsafe to drink or to use. It's just unsavory.

The has spent about $1,500 on extra chemicals recently in an effort to reduce the problem.

Smith says the city will flush some fire hydrants to purge the system. He says although the city is trying to conserve water, the flushing will not use too much water.

The city installed three aerators at the lake several months ago to prevent the problem recurring. The devices add oxygen to the water and stir up the water to prevent stagnation.  Smith says the city is evaluating them. He says the city is unlikely to note any change to the lake due to the aerators for a year.