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Colchester Delays Water Main Repairs

Colchester will delay replacement of a troublesome water main until at least next year.

Part of the six-inch line is suspended beneath a bridge. Earlier this summer, it leaked from several sagging segments. The city spent $7,000 on temporary repairs.

Mayor Danny Bice says the city does not have any money for extensive repairs or replacement of the 120-foot long stretch. The city also did not qualify for any state or federal assistance on the project.

He says, “We're just going to re-insulate it and get through the winter. Then see where our finaces are for next year. And maybe we could get a grant to maybe replace it.”

Bice estimates the cost of re-insulating the line is less than $20,000. The cost of replacing it is about $80,000.

The line supplies water to a subdivision near Argyle Lake.